Sunday, November 6, 2011

Passion's Keep

~I want to know my passion’s bliss
be that embraced within a kiss~
~To taste your lips so soft be sweet
tender touch your perfect cheeks~
~Be that of whisper in your ear
how very much I love you Dear~
~To feel your breath caress my neck
while that I tend your swelling breast~
~To gently kiss your body’s length
breathe in be that your loving scent~
~Make love to you throughout the night
let passion’s flame be our light~
~I want to know your every yearn
to kiss in taste to make you burn~
~To drink the nectar be your love
be taste in that my wanting of~
~To feel your lips be round my hard
to tease my seed be from it’s jar~
~To penetrate your love’s divide
to feel your fire deep inside~
~To bask in that be of your flame
 make you beg and call my name~
~To take you in of every way
many times before the day~
~To fill you full with that my seed
to satisfy your every need~
~To love you be in passion’s bliss
be that to end embraced in kiss~
~To say I love before we sleep
you are in that my passions’s keep~
Duke Sherman

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