Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Drempt

~Be that the last I dreamt of us
in that of making love~
~In that begun with just a kiss
the sweet be of your lips~
~Tongues be touch in juices flow
each tasting the other’s dote~
~Fire burning within our blood
 be that engulfed in lust~
~My erection hard against your leg
my flaming seed in beg~
~Your heart be racing within your chest
as I kissed your busting breast~
~I placed my hand between your thighs
pushed my finger inside~
~So hot so wet my hunger grew
to feed on that your spew~
~To taste of that between your legs
was that my lusting crave~
~Breathing hard I heard you say
make love to me in every way~
~I lifted up and carried you
to that my waiting room~
~Laid you on that be my sheets
stripped you nakedly~
~In that of kiss I washed your length
breathing hormonal scents~
~Be that my want I took a taste
between your luscious legs~
~In that be sweet of nectar’s flow
of that the Gods bestowed~
~I slipped my tongue your sweet divide
and tasted that inside~
~With that my finger I played your clit
in drinking of the spit~
~Of every drop I lusted more
within your tasty core~
~You took of that my stout be proud
the knob into your mouth~
~Sucked be hard as if to taste
while gripping of the base~
~With up be down and twist around
my seed was climax bound~
~I felt the pain be in the stout
be of my seed been roused~
~Once again I here my name
you say let go the pain~
~Like that be of a water spout
my seed cum gushing out~
~You suck in down as if a straw
leaving me in awe~
~Then you jerk and moan aloud
my face be buried down~
~With every jerk the squirt be more
be that my lusting for~
~I drink be that not waist a drop
the flow seems never stop~
~Like that a feast be cum from you
I feed on that your spew~
~Next I lay on that my back
while you caress my sack~
~Lick my stout in bring erect
in that of resurrect~
~You mount me like a bronc be steed
and ride me ‘til I bleed~
~Rode me up and down to side
I felt your fire burn inside~
~You scream my name to cum please cum
explode do I succumb~
~I ask you to be give me more
in that you say of course
my hungry manly whore~
~Be that the last I dreamt of us
in that of making love~
Duke Sherman

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