Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Take In The Night

~In that my soul be set afire
be burn in flame of you~
~My heart be that imbued desire
in that of lusting spew~
~In that my blood be hot my veins
flows down unto my groins~
~My sack be full my shaft of pain
within my wanting loin~
~I longed of that the taste your lips
be that in sweet embrace~
~Wet be warm inviting bliss
my heart be that in race~
~To breathe into be of your ear
in that of whispers breath~
~In that I feel my yearning sear
within your tenderness~
~So hard be full in long be stiff
in that my craving love~
~I pull your body be close in with  
in that be touching of~
~I penetrate your hungry mouth
devouring your tongue~
~Within be that of wrestling bout
in that of flowing run~
~Be that in taste of nectar be
sweet be my delight~
~I long to set this pain be free
make love to you the night~
~You are my life my everything
my treasure chest of love~
~I would for you do anything
you are my only of~
~Erupting storms in flame ignite
in that desires burn~
~In that our hearts we cannot fight
be that of lusting yearn~
~I wash your body be in of length
with that my wanting tongue~
~Take in be your pheromonal scent
my drive be that in run~
~I take my tongue in that of lick
be that your sweet devide~
~Play with that your sweating clit
be that my tongue inside~
~I slip it in I slip it out
be that to hear you cry~
~Caress with that my fingers ‘bout
until you testify~
~I move in up be that your breast
nipples big in stud~
~Bury my face within your chest
caress the rounding of~
~I place my hand between your thighs
in that to keep you wet~
~I hear you be in moaning sigh
your ready in bequest~
~Make love we do in through the night
stopping for the none~
~Unto the break be of dawns light
the coming of the sun~
~Take in the night be of our hearts
in that be of our love~
~Swear to never drift apart
be never waver of~
Duke Sherman

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