Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Flaming Cocktail

~In that my soul a fire burns
imbued in love of you~
~Be that of lust inflames my yearn
my blood runs hot in spew~
~Of hunger grows within my loin
in harvest of my seed~
~A gushing burn runs in my groins
be that in need to feed~ 
~I long be that embrace in kiss
in tasting of your wine~
~Drink of that your within your lips
tongues be intertwined~
~Feel your breath caress my neck
kiss my inner ear~
~Suck of that your busty breast
nipples rise in seared~
~Inhale the sex be in your scent
cooing your sultry skin~
~Down in up your body’s length
unto your legs within~
~Lay my face against your thigh
warm be tender of~
~Slip my tongue be deep inside
caress your rosen bud~ 
~Sip the flowing juices sweet
of Nature’s honey dew~
~In drinking of your ecstasy
a most be cumming brew~
~To feel you take my throbbing knob
be that in jaculate~ 
~Between your lips in be your mouth
in that to generate~
~In harvest of my sewing seed
in cumming of the pain~
~Swallow down the burning feed
of cocktail be inflamed~ 
~To penetrate your sweet be of
soak within your warm~
~In of the night in making love
unto the Dawn of morn~
~In that my soul a fire burns
imbued in love of you~
~To feed be that my hungered yearn
in of the night unto~
Duke Sherman

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