Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ride You In A Storm

~I want to drink in that of you
between your luscious thighs~
~Be of the nectar running spew
of that from deep inside~
~To suck on those be of your breast
 plump in rosen red~
~Dancing firmly on your chest
like that of Discotheque~
~Bend you over penetrate
feel your wet in warm~
~Reach around in grab your tits
ride you in a storm~
~Make you burn between your legs
thrusting hard in stout~
~Hot enough to fry my eggs
roused my seeding out~
~Beg in scream my name in lust
in that of wanting more~
~Take my seed be in robust
hear my body roar~
~Bodies dripping wet in sweat
blood in rushing fire~
~Again to cum I will erect
of that in burned desire~
~Into the night unto the day
take you round in round~
~In that be of in every way
our lusting Battleground~
Duke Sherman

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