Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Virgin Queen

~Once upon a midnight dream
I met my Virgin queen~
~In that of love I took of her
be that what made her pure~
~I kissed her sweet and took her hand
and placed it on my man~
~Undressed her slow in tenderness
and took her in caress~
~I licked her up be down around
to that her inner crown~
~I took a taste and found her new
a virgin in bestrew~
~I kissed and played in made her wet
and drank from that beset~
~I heard her gasp in pleasure be
in want of that to bleed~
~I moved be up unto her breast
in kiss be tenderness~
~Nipples hard be pink like buds
upon her busty jugs~
~I slid my hand between her legs
be that she cried in beg~
~I laid her down on of her back
and took her legs in wrap~
~As that she wrapped her legs my waist
my hard surged into place~
~Touching deep inside her burn
be that my every yearn~
~Haze be passion in her eyes
I felt her moan in gasp of every sigh~
~In sync with every move she made
with every jerk my body played~
~In that of lust she screamed my name
harder harder as if insane~
~With that of mighty thrusting blows
my throbbing hard in that bestowed~
~Her nails drew blood from of my back
I felt my seed my swollen sack~
~Of that the same our pains released
draining my every lusting seed~
~In after that we lay the floor
bodies locked within her core~
~Our juices mix be flowing wet
like that of warm be dripping sweat~
~My want to bask behold her tight
feel her deep be loving bite~
~In that the moment I fell asleep
to wake to find ‘twas but a dream~
Duke Sherman

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