Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Crazy For You

~You drive me crazy watching you
arousing me moving the way you do~ 
~Your body beautiful in every way
so very sexy I’m in dismay~
~My handle so hard I cannot bare
throbbing to stand I do not dare~ 
~Come let us make that of love
my lust is such I must have of~
~You’ll not regret I give to you
so hard and firm is that my tool~
~I’ll lick within your sweet desire
drops of sex setting afire~
~As climax cums I’ll take within
tasting sweeter has never been~
~I’ll enter you with my hard tool
 screaming in joy you’ll say I love you~
~My moves to be as tornadoes blow
 round and round up and down ‘til you flow~
~I’ll bring you to of many delight
climaxing countlessly throughout the night~
~And when the morning comes to pass
all before will be surpass~
~You’ll look at me and say again
let’s pretend this night not end~
~I”ll take you in that of kss
say my darling I’m in a bliss~
~Of course we'll take the bed again
for me this night will never end~
Duke Sherman

I Cannot Imagine

~I cannot imagine life without you
you are my reasoning in all that I do~
~You give me comport when I am sad 
you bring me laughter when I am mad~
~Give me strength when I am weak
show me promise when things are bleak~
~Take away from me my strife
bring to me much peace in life~
~When I am lonely you sit with me
no matter time or day to be~
~When I am ill you make me well
with love in heart you do quell~
~Feed me full when I am hungry
even when there’s little money~
~Take away my cold at night
keep me warm ‘til next day’s light~
~Lay out for me my cloths to wear
mend those that have a tear~
~My Darling my love a perfect wife
I cannot imagine you not in my life~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'll Pay Special Attention

~Within my soul I take in your love
 a feeling so likened to Heaven above~
~Burning no less the hottest of fire
sealing my heart for you in desire~
~You are of my mind I think only of you
I love you my  Darling in all that you do~
~Deep down inside me I need you tonight
to make love in lust ‘til Dawn’s early light
~To bring you to climax not only one time
but many times over ‘til out of you’re mind~
~To taste of your body my favorite delight
nectar of Gods given to Zeus by Aphrodite~
~Caress with my tongue your erogenous zones
during that of your mouth devouring my bone~
~I’ll pay special attention your wet shiny pearl
taking between that of my lips and giving a swirl~
~Climax is near we must take a break
my load is loosening nut sack is in ache~
~We’ll lay down together and cuddle abit
 kissing and touching fueling the fire keeping it lit~
~After a rest I’ll enter your shack
first with you then me on my back~ 
~As if a Bronc you move up and down
stirring the steed within you around~
~Up and down  and side to side
with that of Cow girl you take that ride~
~So sweet the sound of that your moan
close is my load cumming from the Bone~
~You lean forward and grasping in a kiss
locking together we do of our lips~
~You scream in pleasure cumming sweet pain
as I too climax as one we have but obtained~
~ Daylight is near night coming to end
we say to ourselves let’s do it again~
Duke Sherman 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Night Is Not Enough

 Sexy : Sexy couple in bedroom
~One night with you is not enough
to satisfy that of my lust~
~I carry deep within my soul
a burning fire that will not slow~
~To take you in my arms at last
express to you my love in vast~
~Take in the sweetness of your lips
flowing from within your every kiss~
~Feel the softness of your touch
my want has been so very much~
~Undress you to your nakedness
taste of that your lusciousness~
~Caress your body from top to down
my lips to skin touching all around~
~Stirring that of sweet sensations
feeling within your heart's vibrations~
~To enter of your sweet delight
make love in passion through the night~
~To bring you to your sanctification
anticipating your every reaction~
~To make you scream in erotic sound
moving within you round and round~
~Feel you tighten around my Steed
bringing me close to releasing my seed~
~To climax together while in kiss
to bind our love in Heavenly bliss~
~For you to take me by the hand
and tell me that I am your man
~One night with you is not enough
to satisfy that of my lust~
~I Love You~
Duke Sherman

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pleasure Devours Me

~With lust in my heart I think only of you
the wondrous sex with you I will do~
~Bringing to mind Kama Sutra’s Love guide
and sixty-four positions in which to abide~
~Aroused I become causing erection to be
burning so hot the desire in me~
~I imagine the thought every position to take
learning new wonders making love ‘til daybreak~
~One to the north the other the south
we’ll fondle each other with that of our mouths~
~Taking with pleasure the other’s delight
several times over cumming all through the night~
~Position in twinned  I’ll lift you to stand
lean to the wall your buttox in hand~
~As churning of curds your body moves round
my penis inside you to climax we’re bound~
~Come near to the end begins our sweet pain
in order to last I must then refrain~
~We rest but for swapping that of our kiss
further taking us into that of abyss~
~Reversing our roles I’ll lay on the bed
mounting me you take in only the head~
~Driving me crazy moving in tease
making me beg Honey let me in please~
~You lower yourself down driving it in 
a pleasure devours me from that of within~
~Together we move as if in slow motion
stirring within our every emotion~
~The moment has come so have we
no longer counting more pleasure to be~
~As if we were dogs or even the deer
the next position I’ll enter the rear~
~You’re not sure but say what the Hell
I let myself in you let out a yell~
~Slowly I move out and move in
a feeling of pleasure inside you begins~
~I bark like a dog you like it you say
remember we’re making it last until day~
~Pulling out before climax to conserve my seed
we’ll shower before completing the deed~
~Missionary position the next that we’ll take
reminiscent we say for old times sake~
~I enter with caution as my load is near 
I am close too you say so do not fear~
~Suddenly you yell my name I explode
you have cum and so has my load~
~Five out of four and the best sex ever
next will be even better~~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Like That

~I want to make love every night
partake of you in all delight~
~Dine on Moon pie between your legs
excite you in pleasure until you beg~
~Devour the juices dripping within
likened to nectar sweeter’s never been~
~All the time attending to that of the Berry
to an orgasm I must carry~ 
~To wrap your mouth around my Meat
always for me a special treat~
~Your eyes staring my face’s direction
stirs my erection to near climaxation~
~We’ll stop awhile so to rest
continue later for the best~
~I’ll take you in my arms we’ll cuddle a bit
kiss you head to toe no zone I'll omit~
~Special attention your Breast I will take
tasting and mouthing them as if they were cake~
~I’ll enter your sweetness you’ll let out a moan
making me harder as if it were stone~
~Moving slow in motion as to make it last
you’ll beg for more pleasure being so vast~
~Climax I’ll beg you’ll say it is near
before you I’ll cum this always I fear~
~Then suddenly you’ll jerk up and cry out
cumming I am do me harder you’ll shout~
~I’ll thrust forward with that of all my might
you’ll yell baby like that your doing it right~
~Then comes the moment how sweet is the pain
together we’ll climax to satisfaction atain~
~Daylight has come as did we
thank you my Darling for loving me~

Duke Sherman

Saturday, June 25, 2011


~Like heat of the hottest of fire
within my soul flames a desire~
~So very hot does it burn
melting my heart for you I yearn~
~Reminiscing our every night in lust
making of love with so much robust~
~Within my groins I feel of the pain
hungering in arousal I must sustain~
~My need is great I hurry the night
sensations running wild pondering delight~
~My manhood hard in pain awaits
soon to enter so wet his mate~
~My heart is racing in double beat
in anticipation of my special treat~
~Again you’ll take me to total bliss
as you run my body with your every kiss~
~As I pleasure you in forming sixty-nine
both of us in ecstasy out of our mind~
~I’ll take your body then under me
entering you more pleasure to be~
~Moving in motion in every which way
slowly to climax arriving by day~ 
~We’ll sleep in day prepare for the night
catch the next ride to that of delight~
Duke Sherman

Friday, June 24, 2011

From The Depths Of Hell

~From the depths of Hell like an Angel above
you rescued my life with that of your love~
~Taking pain from my heart making it whole
healing what ill’d me in that of my soul~
~You lit up my darkness now I can see
taking my blindness giving hope onto me~
~Emotions existing I knew not I had
happiness replacing all that was sad~
~Forward in life my dreams are of you
demising my self I no longer do~
~I know now of love whence I did not
bestowed in my heart of an Angel begot~
~No more cold is my soul but warm as if fire
burning deep down inside is but my desire~
~You’re all in my life you’re all I want of
you’re the pure definition of all that is love~
~I love how you bring me coffee in bed
awaking me gently with a kiss on the head~
~Joining me in shower and making of love
doing something special for me just because~
~And walking the beach while holding your hand
all the time thinking myself so a lucky man~
~My life was a void no reason to be
entered you did giving reason to me~
I love you more than infinity I say
growing even more with each passing day~
~I wanted you to know how much I do care
and to be without you I would not bare~
~My Darling Thank You~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Table For Two

~I have a hunger from within my loin
a desired appetite for us to join~
~To take your all in that of passion
throughout the night to satisfaction~
~Deep down my soul is burning of fire
for you my love not but desire~ 
~To know of that your sententious lips
taste the sweetness within your kiss~
~To touch and caress you keeping you wet
making ready a meal you’ll not regret~
~To taste of the juices running amok
not wasting a drop in lapping them up~
~To enter what is your tunnel of love
and know the wonders deep within of~
~Make what is love all through the night
fulfilling our hunger in total delight~
~Reservations are set the table awaits
tonight we’ll feast on Lover’s parfait~
~Recipied from that in Heaven above
the mixing of fluids from making of love~ 
~Wondrous the dish guaranteed satisfaction
topping it off in climaxation~ 
~I love you my darling want you I do
come now my love a table for two~
~Duke Sherman

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Far Away

~My love so far away is she
to live without her cannot be~
~My heart is aching alone I stay
my mind in wander I’ve lost my way~
~I cannot be her not with me
to do so is insanity~
~My nights are cold as is my bed
my thoughts are her within my head~
~I cannot sleep awake I stay
long the nights ‘til light of day~
~I look my side I see her not
so bare it is my lover’s spot~
~Deep within my soul it burns
in prayer I stay for her return~
~Each breath I take and drop of blood
I’d willingly give to keep her love~
~She is the light that makes me see
without her darkness begrieving me~
~She is my reasoning she is my strength
her soul is warm her heart in length~
~For now she’s gone I know not why
within me pain in secret I cry~
~Loneliness overwhelming I cannot bare
apart my heart many pieces a tear~
~A must to mend healed by love
to be with her in wanting of~ 
~To feel her touch so soft it is
a feeling of such I so do miss~
~The warmth of her body next to me
reminiscent a memory so Heavenly~
~Continue I will to God I’ll pray
for her return to me one day~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank You My Darling

 Making_love : Young Couple staring into each others eyes Stock Photo
~Thank you my Darling for a wondrous night
my Dreams come true in total delight~
~Fulfilling my fantasies my every thought of
intensifying fire within while making of love~
~By that of your nakedness pressed against me
caressing in foreplay to pure Ecstasy~
~All through the night expressing positions
 as in Kama sutra ‘twas in repetition~
~Burning within me my desire for you
makes for the better in all that we do~
~Exiting sensations with lust in my heart
staying inside you not wanting to part~
~Not ever before did my heart beat so fast
withholding my climax in making it last~ 
~The warmth within you heating my lust
bringing me closer to climax a must~
~Sweet pain within we climaxed at once
moaning in pleasure in sounding abundance
~No other on earth for me can there be
no other in life is the woman for me~
~Last night was great tonight will be better
as every night is making love together~
~As my Dreams you are asleep and awake
all that I do in life’s for your sake~
~Forward tonight I’m looking to
my Darling know this I do love you~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, June 18, 2011

PTSD Is Very Real

 ~Why do things happen in life

to bring to a man so much strife~
~To fill his soul with that of such pain
as if to bind him with a weighted chain~
~So great his sadness he cannot bare
no one to love no one to care~
~His thoughts are full of but why
 often he ponders his own demise~
~He fought in the war so long ago
a very young man of just eighteen years old~
~PTSD’s real has it does he
a gift from hell total misery~
~Afraid to sleep stays awake in the night
to sleep would return him back to the fight~
~He’s suffered for years causing but grief
leaving him in shock and that of bereave~
~Memories of friends felled by the war
the taking of life so many the horror~
~Silently he cries God help me please
take from me this terrible disease~
~To know in my life peace once again
a Blessing my God please will you send~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sex Is Not Taboo

~For some the subject of sex is taboo 
I on the other hand pity those fools~
~To become as one in making of love
no feeling on earth can measure above~
~The showing of but the heartfelt affection
bringing on forth the deepest emotions~
~The burning inside of heated desire
warming one another as if it was fire~
~Bodies entangled together in love
satisfaction to each in the wanting of~
~To climax mixing fluids becoming as one
 holding and cuddling when the deed is done~
~Sex is normal in life and meant to be
and by far the most pleasant part for me~
~Those who say otherwise I say onto you
you people are not but hypocritical fools~
~When having sex I don’t tend  to myself
my love for my partner is my life’s wealth~
~I strive to do all in my powers to be
to satisfy my woman’s every sexual need~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making Love

Similar:7239702 : Beautiful naked woman is holding a naked man. Monochrome
~For a man making love to his girl
there’s no greater desire in the entire world~
~Caressing her body missing not a spot
whispering in her ears of sweet what not’s~
~Kissing her entire body keeping her wet
exciting her every emotion to climax beset~
~You reach the area of her most special place
you glance up to see a smile on her face~
~Slowly you move closer as to give her a tease
while holding your head between that of her knees~
~She warms and moistens your very lips
with the sweet nectar flowing from her clitoris~
~Again you glance she glares with approval
and begs for more lips with no removal~
~She moans her body jerking in pleasure
she’s close to climax difficult to measure~
~She begs for more please give me more
you’re obliged as it’s her you love and adore~
~Suddenly she stops and says now it's your turn
I’m going to add fuel to the fire within you that burns~
~Like a Majesty she commands you to lay back
takes in her hand your shaft gently fondles your sack~
~She places it in her mouth your heart beats fast
you say to yourself God make it last~
~She looks up and smiles turns you on even more
you wonder the thought for you what’s in store~
~You’re close to  climax you cannot withhold
she looks at you in stare says don’t loosen your load~
~She at once stops as if to allow you to rest
raises covers your body with hers so come’s the best~
~Mounts you as if a stallion inserts you in her
your juices within begins to even more stir~
~She moves to the side then up and down
ejaculation to climax you’re bound~
~You say please God give me the strength to refrain
allow me a little more time to gain~
~You hear her moan together climax you do
you turn to her and say I Love You~
~You rest awhile and ready again to make love
no my friend nothing more in this world I want of~
Duke Sherman