Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Table For Two

~I have a hunger from within my loin
a desired appetite for us to join~
~To take your all in that of passion
throughout the night to satisfaction~
~Deep down my soul is burning of fire
for you my love not but desire~ 
~To know of that your sententious lips
taste the sweetness within your kiss~
~To touch and caress you keeping you wet
making ready a meal you’ll not regret~
~To taste of the juices running amok
not wasting a drop in lapping them up~
~To enter what is your tunnel of love
and know the wonders deep within of~
~Make what is love all through the night
fulfilling our hunger in total delight~
~Reservations are set the table awaits
tonight we’ll feast on Lover’s parfait~
~Recipied from that in Heaven above
the mixing of fluids from making of love~ 
~Wondrous the dish guaranteed satisfaction
topping it off in climaxation~ 
~I love you my darling want you I do
come now my love a table for two~
~Duke Sherman

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