Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sex Is Not Taboo

~For some the subject of sex is taboo 
I on the other hand pity those fools~
~To become as one in making of love
no feeling on earth can measure above~
~The showing of but the heartfelt affection
bringing on forth the deepest emotions~
~The burning inside of heated desire
warming one another as if it was fire~
~Bodies entangled together in love
satisfaction to each in the wanting of~
~To climax mixing fluids becoming as one
 holding and cuddling when the deed is done~
~Sex is normal in life and meant to be
and by far the most pleasant part for me~
~Those who say otherwise I say onto you
you people are not but hypocritical fools~
~When having sex I don’t tend  to myself
my love for my partner is my life’s wealth~
~I strive to do all in my powers to be
to satisfy my woman’s every sexual need~
Duke Sherman

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