Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making Love

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~For a man making love to his girl
there’s no greater desire in the entire world~
~Caressing her body missing not a spot
whispering in her ears of sweet what not’s~
~Kissing her entire body keeping her wet
exciting her every emotion to climax beset~
~You reach the area of her most special place
you glance up to see a smile on her face~
~Slowly you move closer as to give her a tease
while holding your head between that of her knees~
~She warms and moistens your very lips
with the sweet nectar flowing from her clitoris~
~Again you glance she glares with approval
and begs for more lips with no removal~
~She moans her body jerking in pleasure
she’s close to climax difficult to measure~
~She begs for more please give me more
you’re obliged as it’s her you love and adore~
~Suddenly she stops and says now it's your turn
I’m going to add fuel to the fire within you that burns~
~Like a Majesty she commands you to lay back
takes in her hand your shaft gently fondles your sack~
~She places it in her mouth your heart beats fast
you say to yourself God make it last~
~She looks up and smiles turns you on even more
you wonder the thought for you what’s in store~
~You’re close to  climax you cannot withhold
she looks at you in stare says don’t loosen your load~
~She at once stops as if to allow you to rest
raises covers your body with hers so come’s the best~
~Mounts you as if a stallion inserts you in her
your juices within begins to even more stir~
~She moves to the side then up and down
ejaculation to climax you’re bound~
~You say please God give me the strength to refrain
allow me a little more time to gain~
~You hear her moan together climax you do
you turn to her and say I Love You~
~You rest awhile and ready again to make love
no my friend nothing more in this world I want of~
Duke Sherman

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