Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'll Pay Special Attention

~Within my soul I take in your love
 a feeling so likened to Heaven above~
~Burning no less the hottest of fire
sealing my heart for you in desire~
~You are of my mind I think only of you
I love you my  Darling in all that you do~
~Deep down inside me I need you tonight
to make love in lust ‘til Dawn’s early light
~To bring you to climax not only one time
but many times over ‘til out of you’re mind~
~To taste of your body my favorite delight
nectar of Gods given to Zeus by Aphrodite~
~Caress with my tongue your erogenous zones
during that of your mouth devouring my bone~
~I’ll pay special attention your wet shiny pearl
taking between that of my lips and giving a swirl~
~Climax is near we must take a break
my load is loosening nut sack is in ache~
~We’ll lay down together and cuddle abit
 kissing and touching fueling the fire keeping it lit~
~After a rest I’ll enter your shack
first with you then me on my back~ 
~As if a Bronc you move up and down
stirring the steed within you around~
~Up and down  and side to side
with that of Cow girl you take that ride~
~So sweet the sound of that your moan
close is my load cumming from the Bone~
~You lean forward and grasping in a kiss
locking together we do of our lips~
~You scream in pleasure cumming sweet pain
as I too climax as one we have but obtained~
~ Daylight is near night coming to end
we say to ourselves let’s do it again~
Duke Sherman 

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