Sunday, June 26, 2011

Like That

~I want to make love every night
partake of you in all delight~
~Dine on Moon pie between your legs
excite you in pleasure until you beg~
~Devour the juices dripping within
likened to nectar sweeter’s never been~
~All the time attending to that of the Berry
to an orgasm I must carry~ 
~To wrap your mouth around my Meat
always for me a special treat~
~Your eyes staring my face’s direction
stirs my erection to near climaxation~
~We’ll stop awhile so to rest
continue later for the best~
~I’ll take you in my arms we’ll cuddle a bit
kiss you head to toe no zone I'll omit~
~Special attention your Breast I will take
tasting and mouthing them as if they were cake~
~I’ll enter your sweetness you’ll let out a moan
making me harder as if it were stone~
~Moving slow in motion as to make it last
you’ll beg for more pleasure being so vast~
~Climax I’ll beg you’ll say it is near
before you I’ll cum this always I fear~
~Then suddenly you’ll jerk up and cry out
cumming I am do me harder you’ll shout~
~I’ll thrust forward with that of all my might
you’ll yell baby like that your doing it right~
~Then comes the moment how sweet is the pain
together we’ll climax to satisfaction atain~
~Daylight has come as did we
thank you my Darling for loving me~

Duke Sherman

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