Monday, June 27, 2011

Pleasure Devours Me

~With lust in my heart I think only of you
the wondrous sex with you I will do~
~Bringing to mind Kama Sutra’s Love guide
and sixty-four positions in which to abide~
~Aroused I become causing erection to be
burning so hot the desire in me~
~I imagine the thought every position to take
learning new wonders making love ‘til daybreak~
~One to the north the other the south
we’ll fondle each other with that of our mouths~
~Taking with pleasure the other’s delight
several times over cumming all through the night~
~Position in twinned  I’ll lift you to stand
lean to the wall your buttox in hand~
~As churning of curds your body moves round
my penis inside you to climax we’re bound~
~Come near to the end begins our sweet pain
in order to last I must then refrain~
~We rest but for swapping that of our kiss
further taking us into that of abyss~
~Reversing our roles I’ll lay on the bed
mounting me you take in only the head~
~Driving me crazy moving in tease
making me beg Honey let me in please~
~You lower yourself down driving it in 
a pleasure devours me from that of within~
~Together we move as if in slow motion
stirring within our every emotion~
~The moment has come so have we
no longer counting more pleasure to be~
~As if we were dogs or even the deer
the next position I’ll enter the rear~
~You’re not sure but say what the Hell
I let myself in you let out a yell~
~Slowly I move out and move in
a feeling of pleasure inside you begins~
~I bark like a dog you like it you say
remember we’re making it last until day~
~Pulling out before climax to conserve my seed
we’ll shower before completing the deed~
~Missionary position the next that we’ll take
reminiscent we say for old times sake~
~I enter with caution as my load is near 
I am close too you say so do not fear~
~Suddenly you yell my name I explode
you have cum and so has my load~
~Five out of four and the best sex ever
next will be even better~~
Duke Sherman

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