Friday, June 10, 2011

The Maiden Yvonne

~The Maiden  Miss Yvonne
from Bayern a German town~
~She’s beautiful in every which way
like that of a perfect red Rose in May~ 
~Her eyes green like those of precious jewels
with just a glance would make men act as fools~
~Her smile brighter than that the sun up above
her skin white like that of a Heavenly dove~
~Soft spoken and gentle as if Angelically born 
like a Fairy tale Princess she’s not but adorned~
~He who wins the heart of this beautiful girl
will surely be the envied from around the world~
~All who know of her come from every land
for the chance to ask for this maiden’s hand~
~In her heart must come only one to be
for her love is meant for all eternity~
~So be it known to all whom are concerned
must in your heart be total love that burns~
~For no man has even with her a chance
at just that of a simple romance~
~Love and only love in your heart must exist
before saying I do and receiving her sweet kiss~
Duke Sherman

1 comment:

  1. wow, the most beautiful present I ever got in my life <3 thank you soo much, this really means a lot to me from someone who hardly knows me, but seems to see me as I am :)