Saturday, June 25, 2011


~Like heat of the hottest of fire
within my soul flames a desire~
~So very hot does it burn
melting my heart for you I yearn~
~Reminiscing our every night in lust
making of love with so much robust~
~Within my groins I feel of the pain
hungering in arousal I must sustain~
~My need is great I hurry the night
sensations running wild pondering delight~
~My manhood hard in pain awaits
soon to enter so wet his mate~
~My heart is racing in double beat
in anticipation of my special treat~
~Again you’ll take me to total bliss
as you run my body with your every kiss~
~As I pleasure you in forming sixty-nine
both of us in ecstasy out of our mind~
~I’ll take your body then under me
entering you more pleasure to be~
~Moving in motion in every which way
slowly to climax arriving by day~ 
~We’ll sleep in day prepare for the night
catch the next ride to that of delight~
Duke Sherman

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