Sunday, June 12, 2011

You Excite Me

~My Soul is hot burning as fire
from deep down within my desire~
~My heart beats as if in locomotion
bringing forth my every emotion~
~You excite me just calling my name
driving me so lustingly insane~
~Inviting are your lips I want for your kiss
moistened by juices of your naturalness~
~Your eyes beautiful draws my attention
stirring within yet another sensation~
~Your skin painted with that of the sun
in perfection the color not overdone~
~Soft is your touch when taking my hand
I know of nothing more soft in all the land~~
~I watch as you walk cannot look away
with perfection you leave me but in dismay~
~Your body was shaped with the greatest care
none more beautiful on earth or anywhere~
~When I take you in my arms I hold you tight
nothing in life ever felt so right~
~You light up my life in all that you do
I love and I want to make love to you~
~To kiss you to taste the nectar you produce
with anticipation excitement is induced~
~To experience your nakedness next to me
and the sexiness of which in ecstasy~ 
~I’ve readied the bed wine is at hand
candles lit for a night so grand~
~Strawberries and chocolate for our delight
aphrodisiacs to be throughout the night~
~So Heaven is near come lay next to me
for you my Darling satisfaction guaranteed~
Duke Sherman

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