Saturday, June 11, 2011


~In this world there cannot be
no greater beauty than my Stephanie~
~Her hair brown brushed with a rose
with eyes caramel she’s got a perfect nose~ 
~Her smile is bright like a ray of sunshine
warming all hearts leaving sadness behind~
~Sweet to the taste moist are her lips
I dream often of wanting her every kiss~
~Her skin has been painted with a perfect tan
turning the head of each and every man~
~She’s blessed with a body that of a Goddess
her heart tender perfect in every way yet modest~
~Her voice is soft but commands your attention
she speaks with that of an Angel’s affection~
~Gentle her touch she brings on aghast
suddenly all wrong with life is in the past~
~My thoughts are with her be night or be day
no greater on earth I love her in every way~
~She brings to my life joy without her cannot be
she’s every beat of my heart she’s my destiny~
~God’s blessed my life creating this girl
she is and will always be my whole world~
Duke Sherman

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