Thursday, May 31, 2012

When I hold You Close To Me


~When I hold you of embrace
my senses begin to climb~
~My heart it skips begins to race
beating out of time~
~When I taste your lips so sweet
my hunger begins to stir~
~Sensations raising my body heat
my vision begins to blur~
~I drink the potion within your lips
 a warm erotic brew~
~Longing for more I make a wish
let this dream be true~
~My hunger stirring desires flames
burning deep within~
~Bleeding hot throughout my veins
sweating from my skin~
~Spreading through my all of me
erupting in my loins~
~Like molten lava flowing free
exploding in my groins~
~Encased within the Scrotum’s pouch
the seed is set afire~
~Feverishly swimming wanting out
drowning in desire~
~Between my legs my hard infused
with molten lava blood~
~Mere thought of you I am seduced
I feel a cumming flood~
~Throbbing hard and throbbing long
holding back the pain~
~The hunger grows so very strong
driving me insane~
~My heart dances a thousand beats
anticipating of~
~A night long full of ecstasies 
tasting the others love~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Your Body Trembling


~I long I hunger for your touch
aching deep within~
~My heart is racing pumping lust
burning in my skin~
~I long to hold you close to me
embraced within a kiss~
~So full of passion so very sweet
the tender of your lips~
~I long to nibble on your neck
marking you as mine~
~Your body trembling in my caress
inching down your spine~
~I long the beauty of your breast
perfect in every way~
~Dancing proudly on your chest
begging me to play~
~To sip your nipples rising firm
inviting to my lips~
~With every sip temptations burn
senses begin to rip~
~I long to kiss your all of length
teasing erogenous nerves~
~Inhale the aroma of your scent
marking every curve~
~Sample passions forbidden fruit
planted within your thighs~
~Drink the nectar of the root
cumming from inside~
~I long to hold you under me
entwined in intercourse~
~Thrusting forward to ecstasy
deep within your core~
~I long to feel your quivering
gasping for a breath~
~Each attempt in quickening
breathing in distress~
~Your body screams and begs for more
with my every thrust~
~My throbbing enhanced within the core
 the load about to bust~
~To finally free my cumming seed
spewing from within~
~Reaching the height of ecstasy
our heads begin to spin~
~I long to hear your yearning sighs 
cumming to a crest~
~Squeezing me between your thighs
as you come to rest~
~I long to hold you close to me
wrapped within my arms~
~Two hearts as one we fall asleep
keeping the other warm~
~I long to wake the morning next
see you lying there~
~Your all of you your perfectness
lying in the bare~
~To wake you gently with a kiss
and look into your eyes~
~For last of night was but a bliss
you are my paradise~
~I long to hold you close to me
embraced within a kiss~
~So full of passion so very sweet
the tender of your lips~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let Me Wrap You In Desire


~Let me wrap you in desire
take you in my arms~
~Let the flames of passions fire
make you body warm~
~Let me taste your lips of wine
slip my tongue inside~
~Let them touch and intertwine
senses come arise~
~Let me nibble on your neck
whisper in your ear~
~Let me touch your rounded breast
make you body sear~
~Let me bathe your tender length
kissing head to toe~
~Let me breathe your sultry scent
‘O so very slow~
~Let me make come true your dreams
your every fantasy~
~Let me make your body scream
in perfect harmony~
~Let me sample passions fruit
nestled in your thighs~
~Let me drink the cumming root 
brewing deep inside~
~Let me enter into your womb
feel the inner heat~
~Let me inhale your hormonal fumes
get high on ecstasy~
~Let me hear you sing of sighs
with every move I make~
~Let me feel your quivering thighs
as I escalate~ 
~Let me hear you say your mine
forever and a day~
~Let me taste your lips of wine
love you in every way~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Every Touch

~Sometimes I find myself in thought
thinking just of us~
~With every thought my blood runs hot
longing for your love~
~Your every touch excites me so
causing my heart to race~
~Throughout the body of my whole
hunger begins to quake~
~Embraced in love and locked in kiss
rubbing skin to skin~
~Lost in passions fiery bliss
burning from within~
~Nestled high between your thighs
I penetrate the womb~
~Thrusting forward my hunger drives
in and out of you~
~Stirring the pleasures of ecstasy
feeding on our lust~
~Fueling the flames of passions heat
in every driving thrust~
~Your breaths are shallow and quickening
with fire in your eyes~
~Body violently shaking quivering
squeezing me in your thighs~
~My swollen scrotum about to crack
underneath the strain~
~You dig your nails into my back
subduing the cumming pain~
~Suddenly I hear you scream relief
begging me to cum~
~As we swim the seas of ecstasy
the two of us as one~
~We once again embrace in love
locked with a kiss~
~Fall to sleep in dreaming of
passions fiery bliss~
Duek Sherman

Monday, May 21, 2012

I Love You More


~I love you more than all the stars
that fill the Heaven’s sky~
~You live and thrive within my heart
giving me reason why~
~I love you more with every breath
filling my lungs with life~
~Life without you would be my death
for I would surely die~
~I love you more than I can see
you are my guiding light~
~Taking the darkness inside of me
replacing it with sight~
~I love you more with every day
giving me happiness~
~With all you do with all you say
 in your tenderness~
~I love you more with every smile
beautiful and sensuous~
~Driving me crazy driving me wild
you are my passioness~
~I love you more with every touch
bringing me Blissfulness~
~You are my Heaven my Angel’s clutch
within your sweet caress~
~I love you more than Spring needs rain
bringing on the new~
~You bring me joy you keep me sane
I live because of you~
~I love you more unto days end
eternity and a day~
~Forever more my love transcends
for you in every way~
~I love you more and more and more
more than I can say~
~You are my heart my soul my one adored 
my love is here to stay~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poetry by My Angel

Only Way To Go
I am a woman...Born to think,
Being in my mind...Seeking the link.
My quest for peace...Everyday,
Wanting a release...A better way.
Trouble no more...Taking care of me,
Don't have time...I need to be free.
Loving myself...Being all I am,
Internal inspection...Giving a damn.
Experiencing bliss...Risking my heart,
Living in the present...A brand new start.
I'm so special...Head held high,
I can walk away...I can say bye.
Work to do...So much to see,
No longer invisible...I can be.
I am a woman...I now know,
Pleasing myself...The only way to go.

Letting Go
People aren't perfect, we all make mistakes.
Some can be simple, and others keep you awake.
The joy of God is that HE forgives,
The pain of life is that we must live.
We must live with the memories of what we have done,
Times we've hurt ourselves and even loved ones.
Mistakes and decisions ususally go hand in hand,
Thank God for redemption, He always understands.
"I" feel angry and very let down,
You be rest assured, I'm not sticking around.
I am a true survivor, I've got the Lord on my side,
He is my rock and my fortress, I cannot be denied.
We once loved and I surely had no doubt,
That with God on our side, we could work anything out.
Funny how we grow and see in a new light,
The challenges faced before we actually fight.
No longer together, no we won't stay,
But our Spirits must prosper in every other way.
Letting go isn't easy however its for the best,
Eventually pain will cease and we will find rest!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Funneling Through My Mortal Veins


~Entwined in making love to you
I think of only this~
~My whole of life all and through
you were my only wish~
~You the yearning of my soul
an infernal of desires~
~Volcanic rain a lava flow
spiting flames of fire~
~Funneling through my mortal veins
mixing with my blood~
~A surging rage driving me insane
unadulterated lust~
~Engulfing the regions of my loin
imbuing hungry flames~
~Spreading burning within my groins
longing throbbing pains~
~My shaft engorged with liquid fire
swelling long and hard~
~Hypnotically dancing a striking Viper
pulsating erratic spars~
~The seed of life is on the run
bustling to get out~
~The pain is near about to cum
escaping from the pouch~
~My throbbing increases and I strain
exploding from within~
~Completing the flow of Volcanic rain
cumming in the spin~
Duke Sherman 

Return My Soul


~I lie between these empty sheets
hungering for your touch~
~My heart is crying lonely beats
for what and how it was~
~Once upon a time gone past
so very long ago~
~When we were young and love was vast
burning in our souls~
~Two hearts as one beating strong
melded in passions flame~
~Until the day it all went wrong
never again the same~
~My body cries of loneliness
escaping from my eyes~
~Longing for your tenderness
lying by my side~
~My every night is filled with pain
tearing me apart~
~Pondering thoughts down memory lane
starving in my heart~ 
~When you left you took my soul
leaving me empty inside~
~You are the half that made me whole
giving me reason why~
~Two hearts as one beating strong
melded in passions flame~
~Until the day it all went wrong
never again the same~
~Now I lie between these sheets
hungering for your touch~
~My heart is crying lonely beats
for what and how it was~
~My nights are long so very cold
consumed with loneliness~
~Come back to me return my soul
filling this emptiness~
~I love you now as I did then
more than love can be~
~My love for you it has no end
further than time can see~
~You are the half that made me whole
giving me reason why~
~When you left you took my soul
leaving me empty inside~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Actual Vietnam War Combat Footage

"Lest We Forget"


Average age of 58,148 killed in Vietnam was 23.11 years. (Although 58,169 names are in the Nov. 93 database, only 58,148 have both event date and birth date. ( Event date is used instead of declared dead date for some of those who were listed as missing in action) [CACF]

  Deaths        Number          Average Age      
      Total     58,148          23.11 years
      Enlisted  50,274          22.37 years
      Officers  6,598           28.43 years
      Warrants  1,276           24.73 years
      E1        525             20.34 years
      USMC 0351 1,122           20.46 years
      11B MOS   18,465          22.55 years
One man killed in Vietnam was only 16 years old (RABER, PAUL J.)  [CACF]
The oldest man killed was 62 years old (TAYLOR, KENNA CLYDE). [CACF]
11,465 KIAs were less than 20 years old. [CACF]

Branch of serviceNumber serving WorldwideNumber serving Southeast AsiaNumber serving South VietnamKilledWoundedMissing
Army4,368,0002,276,0001,736,00038,20996,802532 {A}
Marines794,000513,000391,00014,84451,392212 {B}
Navy1,842,000229,000174,0002,5664,178365 {C}
Air Force1,740,000385,000293,0002,586931532 {D}
Coast Guard7590 {E}
Civilians49[37]31 {F}

South Vietnamese military deaths[3]

North Vietnamese Deaths

According to the government in Hanoi, 1,100,000 North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong military personnel died during the Vietnam War[4] Rummel reviewed the many casualty data sets, and this number is in keeping with his mid-level estimate of 1,011,000 North Vietnamese combatant deaths.[1] He further calculated a mid-level estimate of 251,000 Viet Cong military deaths.[5] Thus, Viet Cong forces accounted for about 22% of the total communist military deaths. What percent of the 849,000 North Vietnamese regulars died in South Vietnam is unknown, but a reasonable assumption is the vast majority occurred in South Vietnam. If 80% of the North Vietnamese casualties died in South Vietnam, this equals 680,000 men, plus 251,000 Viet Cong for a total 931,000 deaths.