Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Beast On The Prow "2"

The Dream


~Embraced and locked within a kiss
my hunger grows for you~
~Entering the realms of Passions Bliss
drinking from your dew~
~Your kiss is sweeter than sweet can be
the craving of my thirst~
~Intoxicating through my all of me
a hungry burning surge~
~Your beauty enchants my every thought
taking my breath away~
~Drunk on pleasure my blood burns hot
basking in your array~
~I run my fingers down your spine
hunting erogenous zones~
~Marking every erotic pleasure find
each time I hear a moan~
~I kiss your neck with gentle bites
whisper in your ear~
~Each nibble wetting my appetite
my body begins to sear~
~I tend the beauty that is your breast~
shapely as a pear~
~Dancing naked on your chest
senses begin to flare~
~I grasp your nipples within my lips
teasing with my tongue~
~Sucking gently but hungry sips
savoring my tender clung~
~Slowly descending I caress your length
you quake and make a sigh~
~I inhale the aroma your sultry scent
your body seems to cry~
~With every taste awaking my loin
begging to be fed~
~Igniting fires engulfing my groins
the seed begins to tread~
~I rest my head upon your thigh
tasting Clitoris’ fruit~
~Longing to drink what is inside
cumming from the root~
~I tease the fruit until release
flooding me with joy~
~Your body screams in ecstasy
my hunger ever ployed~
~Quivering quaking gasping for breath
you moan let out a sigh~
~Arch your back then come to rest
my head between your thighs~
~Between my legs my manhood grows
throbbing hard and stout~
~Within my groins the seedling flows
bustling to get out~
~You reach between my legs and grasp
what is my throbbing hard~
~With just a touch my senses flash
speeding my beating heart~
~You suck it in and down your throat
the feeling is eminence~
~Ejaculate and swallow the load
of cummingly intense~
~The cum is flowing in endless drips
drinking the total crop~
~You washing me with hungry licks
wasting not a drop~
~Squeeze the scrotum draining the sack
that held the seed at bay~ 
~Harvesting all as if a snack
a lioness and her prey~
~Every lick you take excites me more
making me hard again~
~My every sensation beginning to soar
burning within my veins~
~I mount you like a wild beast
thrusting in and out~
~You are my mate you are in heat
and we are on the Prowl~
~We spend the night unto the day
entwined in making love~
~One hundred times in every way
feeding our hungry lust~
~Your beauty enchants my every thought
taking my breath away~
~Drunk on pleasure my blood burns hot
basking in your array~
Duke Sherman

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