Monday, May 7, 2012

My Black Erotic Queen

                                    A Dream Come True


~Last night my dream was not a dream
I found her by my side~
~Black and beautiful she reigned supreme
hunger in her eyes~
~Her breasts were large perfectly shaped
her ass was big and round~
~She laid her chest against my face
my heart began to pound~
~Her hand was down within my pants
around my hardened shaft~~
~She was reciting in hungry chants
jerking slow and fast~
~I was exited and hungry as was she
this was my wish come true~
~I often dreamed of her with me
in midnight rendezvous~
~I took her embraced in my arms
touched her lips to mine~
~The taste was sweet wet and warm
likened brandied wine~
~I caressed her neck unto her breast
lost my self within~
~Sucked the nipples so full erect
my head began to spin~
~She moaned and sighed in hungry cries
ever wanting more~
~I washed her length unto her thighs
longing for the core~
~Her clit was swollen dark and sweet
I teased it with my tongue~
~I tasted the drippings of secrete
the flavor of her cum~
~Suddenly she began to squirm a bit
quivering in her thighs~
~I fingered her and sucked her clit
she let out a screaming cry~
~Arched her back releasing a squirt
of nectar fit for Gods~
~Her cum was sweet thick like syrup
I wanted every drop~
~She took my hardened throbbing shaft
sucked it down her throat~
~Squeezed my scrotum to bring it fast
swallowed the cumming load~
~Looked at me with hungry eyes
made me hard again~
~Mounted me between her thighs
and rode me to no end~
~She brought it on made me cum
as she was cumming too~
~Dismounted cleaned me with her tongue
drinking down the spew~
~Still not satisfied she beg for more
just like my every dream~
~Throughout the night I filled the core
of my Black Erotic Queen~
Duke Sherman

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