Saturday, May 19, 2012

Poetry by My Angel

Only Way To Go
I am a woman...Born to think,
Being in my mind...Seeking the link.
My quest for peace...Everyday,
Wanting a release...A better way.
Trouble no more...Taking care of me,
Don't have time...I need to be free.
Loving myself...Being all I am,
Internal inspection...Giving a damn.
Experiencing bliss...Risking my heart,
Living in the present...A brand new start.
I'm so special...Head held high,
I can walk away...I can say bye.
Work to do...So much to see,
No longer invisible...I can be.
I am a woman...I now know,
Pleasing myself...The only way to go.

Letting Go
People aren't perfect, we all make mistakes.
Some can be simple, and others keep you awake.
The joy of God is that HE forgives,
The pain of life is that we must live.
We must live with the memories of what we have done,
Times we've hurt ourselves and even loved ones.
Mistakes and decisions ususally go hand in hand,
Thank God for redemption, He always understands.
"I" feel angry and very let down,
You be rest assured, I'm not sticking around.
I am a true survivor, I've got the Lord on my side,
He is my rock and my fortress, I cannot be denied.
We once loved and I surely had no doubt,
That with God on our side, we could work anything out.
Funny how we grow and see in a new light,
The challenges faced before we actually fight.
No longer together, no we won't stay,
But our Spirits must prosper in every other way.
Letting go isn't easy however its for the best,
Eventually pain will cease and we will find rest!


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