Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let Me Wrap You In Desire


~Let me wrap you in desire
take you in my arms~
~Let the flames of passions fire
make you body warm~
~Let me taste your lips of wine
slip my tongue inside~
~Let them touch and intertwine
senses come arise~
~Let me nibble on your neck
whisper in your ear~
~Let me touch your rounded breast
make you body sear~
~Let me bathe your tender length
kissing head to toe~
~Let me breathe your sultry scent
‘O so very slow~
~Let me make come true your dreams
your every fantasy~
~Let me make your body scream
in perfect harmony~
~Let me sample passions fruit
nestled in your thighs~
~Let me drink the cumming root 
brewing deep inside~
~Let me enter into your womb
feel the inner heat~
~Let me inhale your hormonal fumes
get high on ecstasy~
~Let me hear you sing of sighs
with every move I make~
~Let me feel your quivering thighs
as I escalate~ 
~Let me hear you say your mine
forever and a day~
~Let me taste your lips of wine
love you in every way~
Duke Sherman

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