Friday, May 18, 2012

Funneling Through My Mortal Veins


~Entwined in making love to you
I think of only this~
~My whole of life all and through
you were my only wish~
~You the yearning of my soul
an infernal of desires~
~Volcanic rain a lava flow
spiting flames of fire~
~Funneling through my mortal veins
mixing with my blood~
~A surging rage driving me insane
unadulterated lust~
~Engulfing the regions of my loin
imbuing hungry flames~
~Spreading burning within my groins
longing throbbing pains~
~My shaft engorged with liquid fire
swelling long and hard~
~Hypnotically dancing a striking Viper
pulsating erratic spars~
~The seed of life is on the run
bustling to get out~
~The pain is near about to cum
escaping from the pouch~
~My throbbing increases and I strain
exploding from within~
~Completing the flow of Volcanic rain
cumming in the spin~
Duke Sherman 

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