Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Dream


~Embraced within and locked in kiss
my hunger begins to grow~
~Savoring the flavor within your lips
drinking from the flow~
~Caressing what is your nakedness
lying next to me~
~Longing your all of tenderness
in what is ecstasy~
~I kiss your neck unto your breast
nibbling here and there~
~Breathing slow and shallow breaths
my senses are impaired~
~I caress the beauty that is your length
kissing tenderly~
~Inhaling the sweet and sultry scent
‘O so Heavenly~
~Tasting wonders beneath these sheets
wetting my appetite~
~My heart is racing skipping beats
 your legs are open wide~
~My hunger growing ever more
craving forbidden fruit~
~To drink of nectar in the core
cumming from the root~
~I lay my head upon your thigh
longing in my crave~
~Slip my fingers deep inside
and take a little taste~
~Sweet and lucid I want for more
I masturbate the fruit~
~Until the nectar in the core
is cumming from the root~
~Your body screams in ecstasy
showering me in cum~
~The flow is sweet and velvety
clinging to my tongue~
~Jerking moaning quivering and sighs
breathing in duress~
~Suddenly you squeeze me in your thighs
cumming to a rest~
~You look at me with hungry eyes
mount me from atop~
~Slip my hard between your thighs
ride me ‘til I drop~
~Reaching down and masturbating
riding me hard and strong~
~Driving me crazy anticipating
just how very long~
~Throughout the night unto the day
into the next of night~
~Riding me in each and every way
until I hear you sigh~
 ~You scream to me to let it go
I feel the cumming strain~
~Suddenly at once we both explode
over and over again~
Duke Sherman

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