Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eagerly I Release


~You are my every hungry thought
longing for your touch~
~Within my veins my blood runs hot
my heart is pumping lust~
~Throughout my body into my loin
a fire ignites a burn~
~The seed within between my groins
bustling in a churn~
~My shaft is swollen long and hard
throbbing between my legs~
~Imbued with lust from my heart
no longer can I wait~
~I pick you up and carry you
unto my waiting bed~
~My hunger growing in and through
blustering in my head~
~I gently kiss your lips so sweet
touch your tongue to mine~
~My heart is pounding skipping beats
racing double time~
~I kiss I lick your slender neck
nibble on your ear~
~Unto the beauty of your breast
suck your darkened tiers~
~I taste your chocolate covered skin
caressing with my lips~
~My every thought begins to spin
with every hungry kiss~
~I bathe your beauty your tenderness
inhaling your sultry scent~
~You quiver and breath in shallow breaths
while making my descent~
~Unto the wonders between your thighs
flowing deep within~
~Of where my longing hunger lies
the sweetest of the sin~
~The passions lust forbidden fruit
the female genital ~
~I tease the clit to release the brew
flowing plentiful~
~You quiver you quake let out a cry
feeding me what I long~
~I savor the sweet the cumming prize
until it all is gone~
~You are a Goddess your nectar is sweet
satisfying my lust~
~Intoxicating me in ecstasy
within your every touch~
~I am quenched but hungry for more
I climb your beauteous~
~Penetrate your warm and giving core
of love and tenderness~
~With every thrust I hear you cry
begging to make it last~
~Driving in and out and deep inside
within your coring’s grasp~
~You scream my name to let it go
digging in my back~
~Eagerly I release the cumming load
spinning in my shaft~
~Taking us both to ecstasy
lost within a bliss~
~We embrace and fall to sleep
locked within a kiss~
Duke Sherman

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