Friday, May 13, 2016

“Another Day Be Gone”

~Another Day so be it gone
the Angels Guard so sing their Song~
~Our Hearts within so do We Yearn
out Tears of many so do We Churn~
~We Cry for them their Mortal Souls
their Pain We Feel from Young to Old~
~Upon the Fields of Fiendish Horrors
those of Evil so keep their Score~
~Preyed upon by Satin’ s Seed
the Killing fields so do they Breed~
~By Ten’s of Hundreds Innocent Souls
felled by them of Satin’s Fold ~
~’O send to them ‘O End this Wrong
the Angels Guard so sing their Song~
~But he of them The Land of Good
hears not but that his Shadows Hood~
~I do not send So does he Say
whiile Souls of Many Lie in Prey~
~Innocents Cry the Love of God
their Head be gone a Single Nod~
~Girls of young In slaved as Brides
still of Child but must Abide~
~Men be Killed their Wives be Sold
to Quell the Lust of Satin’s Hold~
~Does not the World they Hear their Cries
nor see the Tears within their Eyes~
~Be Genocide by Satin’s Hand
disguised by that of Mortal Man~
~The Land be Painted The Blood of Many
soon of Innocence be gone of Any~
~One Day this World be come to End
the Angels Seven God will Send~
~Another Day so be it gone
the Angels Guard so sing their Song~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, February 20, 2016

"The Only One He Dreams Of" MiLady

~The Dark Knight
invaded the shadows~
~Avoiding the Light
entering her windows~
~MiLady Cries
she's in distress~
~Her Loyal Knight
 follows in Quest~
~Allegiance sworn
she is his heart~
~She is adorn 
let no man part~
~His Sword in hand
his Steed is swift~
He'll cross this land
so in short shrift~
~MiLady's Knight
the Bravest of
~A Heroes Plight
for one he Loves~
~He comes to that
at journey ends~
~"The Castle Black"
The Devil's Penn~
~The Bridge is Drawn
the Molt is Dark~
~The Light is Gone
he must Embark~
~He hears the screams
of Ghostly Shrills~
~Evil Dreams
of Soul's blood spilt~
~He hears her cry
where is she~
~His Eyes
He cannot see~
~Sorcery's Bond
The Dark Knight struck~
~Lucifer's Spawn
he runs amuck~
~He squints his eyes
begins to see~
~Fire and Brimstone rising high
Hell on Earth this must be~
~He turns his head
to catch a glimpse~
~A Wooden Bed
hung by Crimps~
~MiLady's there
bound in chains~
~He cannot bare 
to see her Pain~
~The Dark Knight Springs
from shadows in~
~Spews a spell in words of sing
Purist of Evil Sickest of Sin~
~Being of Good MiLady's Knight
He carries a Cross~
~Blessed a Knight of Right
Evil had already lost~
~MiLady's Knight 
He rose his Sword~
~A Fearful Fight
The Good Knight Scored~
~He took his head
to the fire it went~
~Lucifer's Spawn is Dead
back to hell sent~
~He lifted his Sword once more
broke the chains that bound his Love~
~Milady the one he Adores
"The Only One He Dreams Of"

By Duke Sherman