Friday, September 30, 2011

You Are My Epiphany

My Darling;
~Be all you are my start of day
 the sun in rise the warming ray~
~The gentle breath the new begin
the calming be the morning wind~
~Imbued of incense filling air
the beauty be the flowers wear~
~In that you are my day transcend
the morning noon unto the end~
~The fall of day the rise of moon
be that you are my night in bloom~
~Stars be bright the scape of sky
you are the brightest my reason why~
~You are the peace my end of night
be that the mid before the bright~
~You are my day in that of shine
my every thought be of my mind~
~The night in all my every sleep
in that my dream be sweet in deep~
~My day my night my in between
my heart my soul be made serene~
~In that you are you are my life
from that of you be my derive~
~Begin my end my all in be
my all in that Epiphany~
I love you;
Duke Sherman

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Angel

To love To Want To know To need


~In that you are my night and day
you are the light in guides my way~
~You are the joy in laughter bring
the fetching sound of birds in sing~
~The high in that of Heaven’s glow
you warm my heart and of my soul~
~The very raw be that my life
of that my strength from you derive~
~Begot you were from Angels dust
brought to earth on Heaven’s gust~
~Painted in the colors bliss
a kiss of rose upon your lips~
~Your hair in length of color earth
soft be silk in that of curl~
~Eyes tinted amber brown
shaped in that be feline round~
~You skin in coat be that of soft
velvetized in Heaven’s loft~
~Your soul mated be that of mine
in that our hearts be intertwined~
~I thank my God be in your life
in that you are my guiding light~
~The warm my soul the joy within
my love for you will never end~
Duke Saheman

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As I Watch You Sleep

~I cannot live be not your love
in that be hell below above~
~You be an Angel full my soul
in that more precious be of gold~
~You taint my heart in loving song
in that array be your adorn~
~Your touch be that of tenderness
be full dulcet in sumptuous~
~Of that your kiss elixir be
in of your lips felicity~
~Your shape be lissome that of beaut
waving tremors be my imbued~
~In that my heart becomes alive
racing strong be that in thrive~
~My blood runs hot be that in flush
my thoughts in ponder be your touch~
~Be that you whisper in my ear
in gentle breath I love you Dear~
~Be all in this be that a kiss
be that my thought in wondrous bliss~
~Now I watch you sleep this night
I thank my God in of your life~
~In that he blessed me in your love
be all I want be you enough~
~I pray we might we always be
together be eternity~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wet The Dream

~I think of you I think in lust
within my mouth my buds erupt~
~For that between your legs be taste
to soak in of your nectar base~
~My cock be hard in timber stick
for that be sweet in of your clit~
~To be in that your pussy warm
my paradise be that adorn~
~To feel it wrapped around me tight
like that be in a hugging bite~
~Massage to forth and back in act
like that the motion of be jack~
~Caress your tits with that my tongue
to grasp my lips your nipples hung~
~Imbue your warm in pussy be
of that my cum exploding feed~
~To hear your scream in excitate
in that emote be emulate~
~To finish stand and have you kneel
in suck my cock be all surreal~
~Be that you grab my swollen balls
and firm the squeeze my cum be squall~ 
~You take the spew in swallow down
you gag of some like be a drown~
~Look up at me your eyes be wide
say give me more be my surprise~
~This time I take you on the floor
be that you on your all of four~
~I fuck you like the steed I am
in that I am a lust be man~
~Be hard and long an hour be
your pussy warm and wet in heat~
~You sweat in drip from that your clit
unto the cumming be your spit~
~Your pleasure scream begets my pain
I feel the cumming in my strain~
~Be that in ecstasy together be
in climax dulcet tingly~
~In of the night unto day
I fuck you hard you do obey~
~In that my ponder be in end
in that my groin be wet my pants~
~Duke Sherman


~You are the glad in Winters bring
of that the sound of Christmas sing~

~You are the fresh a Springtime day
the sweet perfume a flower spray~

~You are the wind be from the West
of that the warm of Summers best~

~You are the Grace Thanks Giving call
the fetching paint be in the Fall~

~Like that of Winter Glad tidings be
you bring but joy and peace to me~

~Like that of Spring be new a start
you keep me young and brisk of heart~

~Like that the warm of Summers wind
you are my soul be deep within~

~Like that the Fall Thanks Giving give
I thank the Lord in that you live~

~Like that paint be Crimson gold
be that your beauty in tenfold~

~In that the Seasons be of four
you are my all in I adore~

~I love you~

Duke Sherman

Monday, September 26, 2011

Forever Yours


~My every moment be my wait
of that in lust anticipate~
~In that the sweetness of your kiss
of never ending reminisce~
~In that your breath be felt my neck
bestowing pleasure beyond dulcet~
~In that of tender be your touch
my all emotion be but rush~
~In that the warmth you close to me
the gentle rhythm your heart in beat~
~In that the silky be your hair
run my body be it bare~
~In that you lye be by my side
to hold you tight my arms the night~
~To watch the sun ascent the dawn
hold be cuddle the sky be drawn~
~To take our tea the hour be
on that the terrace by the sea~
~To walk the beach be dusk of night
as that the moon be in her rise~
~To gaze upon the stars in wish
like that be times of reminisce~
~To build a fire waters edge
hold each other’s hand in pledge~
~To ever be in of us both
to swear by that the lovers oath~
~To feel the wind be oceans bliss
in moonlight Heaven as we kiss~ 
~To never grow from us apart
to be as one in of the heart~
~Forever Yours~
Duke Sherman

My Novarupta

~A fever deep inside me burns
for you my darling be my yearn~
~Like that the rock volcanoes bleed
for you my heart will ever be~
~Like that her power spewing flow
you be my life in force her blow~
~Your beauty reins be high and wide
like of her ash in coats the sky~
~In that her might be trembling
mere your touch be pleasure bring~
~You are the fire in heats my soul
my want my need my ever glow~
~My Novarupta my rock my strength
to all in this there be no length~
~The beat my heart my breath of life
in all I am you are my drive~
~And in the end like that of lava
you be that of my soul in karma~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, September 25, 2011


~Last night I dreamt you came to me
to lay my side in slumber be~
~You placed upon my lips a kiss 
touched my face in sweet caress~
~Proceed you did to lay my side
be that awoke to my surprise~
~’twas but a dream be my amaze
my heart be left but in dismay~
~To that the end be night to day
my slept begot in pass away~
~I now be left in broken heart
in that we live so far apart~
~My need be that your tender kiss
to know of that your sweet caress~
~To hold to keep want and love
‘til death we part thereafter of~
~Unto the day my life is done
my heart belongs to only one~
Duke Sherman

I Love You Beyond Compare

~Like that of salt imbues the sea
you are the blood inside of me~
~Like that the wind be of the west
you are in that my living breath~
~Like that the drum be so in harpe
you are the beat in of my heart~
~You are the sun that warms the day
the moon at night that lights the way~
~You are the stars that shine the sky
the Heavens tears of Angels cry~
~You are the soft a baby’s skin
the gentle soul be that within~
~In that you are the mountain’s peak
the strength in lye’s be your mystique~
~In that you are the river wide
the reason be in that I strive~
~In that you are the valley low
the reminisce my long ago~
~In all of this you keep me young
you are my light the day is done~
~When I am cold you keep me warm
when I am weak you make me strong~
~When I am dry you wet my lips
when I am down you give me lift~
~I love you like beyond compare
you are my heart’s eternal flare~
Duke Sherman

My World

She Is The Four Elements In One

~In that of kiss I feel your breath                                                                                                 
touch my face in sweet caress~
~In that I hold you close to me
I feel the tender your heart in beat~
~In that you whisper in my ear
my body trembles like that of fear~
~In that I take you by the hand
I think myself a lucky man~
~You walk in that be care the step
slight the bounce in etiquette~
~Your fetching smile be worn wide
curved in up on each the side~
~Yours eyes be like the beauty pearls
your hair long in that of curls~
~You speak with that commanding voice
yet subtle sweet and in rejoice ~
~Your body perfect in every way
molded of that in Heaven’s clay~
~In that of night you be asleep
I lay and watch in that of keep~
~I ponder thought in wonder be
in that your dream be me you see~
~From dawn to dusk be night or day
you grace my soul be in array~
~Like that the sun you warm my heart
as that the moon you light the dark~
~Like that the stars you are my guide
when I am lost you give me sight~
~Like that the heat be of a fire
you are the burn my soul desire~
~Like that the rain be sate the earth
be that my life in you immersed~
~Like that begot the might the wind
my love for you begets no end~
Duke Sherman

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Mistake

~I’ve been alone now seven years
some good most with tears~
~No one to to hug or kiss goodnight
or hold in through the dark of night~
~To stand by me in time of need
or heal my heart when it bleeds~
~To sit and cuddle watch tv
or know of that felicity~
~My days are filled with not but grief
in that my nights with no sleep~
~I sit in that my lonely room
thinking of the coming doom~
~I miss the times of long ago
in of my younger years of old~
~The time when love imbued the air
when all in heart so play it fair~
~My younger years of yesterday
now they seem so far away~
~Now I sit alone in brood
paying the price in life past due~
~Reminiscing my heart of past
not knowing why it did not last~
~With memory of a girl my first
the one I most in often thirst~
~Forty years be that ago
I was only nineteen years of old~
~Stupidy told me run away
a regret I have unto this day~
~One can only hope to change
and do away with all his pain~
~Find a love and make it last
never to return the past~
Duke Sherman

You Are Perfect

~In that you are my every beat
you won my heart be in defeat~
~In that you are my soul desire
you are the flame that burns afire~
~In that you are my every dream
you are my want my every scream~
~In that you are the blood I bleed
your are my drink my every need~
~In that you are the air I breathe
you are my life in that complete~
~You are of that the rising sun
the sound of dusk when day is done~
~You are of that the moon at night
in that the bright her midnight light~
~You are the stars the heavens plain~ 
the guide my path that keeps me sane~
~You are the sea in all her wonders
my every thought in that I ponder~
~You are the wind blows night and day
you take of that my pain away~
~You are the winter unto the spring
you are my all my everything~
~Your kiss be sweet of nectar is
 in that I be in reminisce~
~Your touch be that a baby soft
with that of tender be in warmth~
~Your hold be that of firm in keep
with that affection loving seep~
~Your voice be that an Angel speak
in that my strength when I am weak~
~In that your eyes a sparkle be
you make me melt one look at me~
~Your lips be full and even shape
painted in that of Dawning scape~
~You wear your smile wide and bright
one look at you and all is right~
~Your shape be that in fetching curves
within my mind be ever yearn~
~Your walk be that a lilting bounce
my  every emote be left ajounce~
~In all I say I say you are
Duke Sherman

Friday, September 23, 2011

Like That The Sea

~Like ocean’s wind so fill the sails
be that your beauty does prevail~
~Like be the moon that moves her tides
of that my heart you do preside~
~Like that volcanoes do they prey
you are my soul in every way~
~Like that the surf in of the sea
you are the strength inside of me~
~Like that the stars the sailors guide
you bring me home to you each night~
~Like that the cooling ocean spray
you take of that my pain away~
~Like that the storm a hurricane
in that your love do I sustain~
~Like that the calm of sea at night
your sweet tranquil fills my life~
~Your hair be gold like that the sun
 long and silk be siren spun~
~Be true the beauty of your eyes
they are the center sea and sky~
~Your body be a Goddess live
in that your scent a sweeting mist~
~Like that the sea a never end
you are my life in that ascend~
~Your are my Island paradise
my sugar spice my sweet entice~
~My treasure be within my heart
my every day be my embark~
~I love you as the sea is deep
in that you are my hearted beat~
~Like that the lava burns below
you are the fire runs my soul~
~Like that the wings of the wind
of that the sea there is no end~
~In that the stars are many be
in that the vast be of the sea~
~In you my love you are my bliss
my life caress in tenderness~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

My Everything

You Are The Heavens
~You are the Heavens high and far
the sun the moon and bright the stars~
~You are the Dawn horizon’s be
in all her beauty her Majesties~
~You are the essence in of the spring
you are the song the Angels sing~
~You are the rain that feeds the earth
in that it brings unto her birth~
~You are the fruit that ripens sweet
you are my heart in every beat~
~You are the tease the waving sand
in that we walk be hand in hand~
~You are the warm the summer breeze
the calm the Sea’s serenity~
~You are the offing in of her deep
to that your soul there is no peak~
~You are the beauty in crimson gold
of that in autumn be sweet and bold~
~The season be in paint of colors
your beauty reigns above all others~
~You are the snow a winters day
of that the dress in her array~
~You are the glimmer in afterglow
of that the sunset in of the snow~
~Spring and summer autumn winter
in all of these you are my splendor~
~From that begin unto the end
you are my every day transcend~ 
~Like that the wind of Heaven send
my love for you be no end~
Duke Sherman 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Are My Life


What sweetness lye’s in that your breath
of that the taste in of your kiss~
~In that the beauty bequest on you
in of the way in how you move~
~In that the spark be in you eyes
in of your smile so broad and wide~
~The way you laugh when you are gay
in how you bright our every day~
~In that your nose perfection be
of how you gaze when look at me~
~In that the length be of you hair
~unto your shoulders in of your wear~
~Sweet the scent in your perfume
like that the spring the roses bloom~
~Your gentle touch your fingers bring
against my skin the shivers cling~
~In that your heart be sound and true
and how you make me feel brand new~
~In that the soft your whisper be
sweet be nothings my ear to me~
~And when you speak the Angels sing
in all you are you wear their wings~
~In that the depth of your embrace
in of your soul be full of grace~
~In of the night your slumber be
the way you sleep be comely~
~In of your wake in that the morn
the way my life be you adorn~
~Imbue my heart from day to night
 with that of love you be my life~
~And in my death my wish be this
to go with that your kiss my lips~
Duke Sherman

My Twilight

~Like that celestial the stars align
you are the universe in of my mind~ 
~Like that the sun rise in the morn
you are my twilight I do adorn ~ 
~In that the moon be midnight bright
you are the light that is my life~
~Like that the squalls across the sea
you are the air in that I breathe~
~In that you are my Heaven’s wait
you are of that my soul in place~
~Like that the burn in fire’s heat
you are my heart my every beat~
~Like that the river the water flow
you are my blood I am in tow~
~For that your love I would do this
suffer that a Cobra’s kiss~
~Fight the Lion be his domain 
withstand the winds a hurricane~
~Swim the oceans in their deep
  move the mountains for your keep~
~Jump the plain from that the sky
risk my life and even die~
~I would steal for you kill for you
yes my Darling all be true~
~And in of that my last of breath
 you be my thought unto my death~ 
~I will sit on that a star the sky
watch over you with Heaven’s eye~
~I love you more than all can be
you are my life in that of me~
Duke Sherman