Friday, September 30, 2011

You Are My Epiphany

My Darling;
~Be all you are my start of day
 the sun in rise the warming ray~
~The gentle breath the new begin
the calming be the morning wind~
~Imbued of incense filling air
the beauty be the flowers wear~
~In that you are my day transcend
the morning noon unto the end~
~The fall of day the rise of moon
be that you are my night in bloom~
~Stars be bright the scape of sky
you are the brightest my reason why~
~You are the peace my end of night
be that the mid before the bright~
~You are my day in that of shine
my every thought be of my mind~
~The night in all my every sleep
in that my dream be sweet in deep~
~My day my night my in between
my heart my soul be made serene~
~In that you are you are my life
from that of you be my derive~
~Begin my end my all in be
my all in that Epiphany~
I love you;
Duke Sherman

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