Friday, September 23, 2011

Like That The Sea

~Like ocean’s wind so fill the sails
be that your beauty does prevail~
~Like be the moon that moves her tides
of that my heart you do preside~
~Like that volcanoes do they prey
you are my soul in every way~
~Like that the surf in of the sea
you are the strength inside of me~
~Like that the stars the sailors guide
you bring me home to you each night~
~Like that the cooling ocean spray
you take of that my pain away~
~Like that the storm a hurricane
in that your love do I sustain~
~Like that the calm of sea at night
your sweet tranquil fills my life~
~Your hair be gold like that the sun
 long and silk be siren spun~
~Be true the beauty of your eyes
they are the center sea and sky~
~Your body be a Goddess live
in that your scent a sweeting mist~
~Like that the sea a never end
you are my life in that ascend~
~Your are my Island paradise
my sugar spice my sweet entice~
~My treasure be within my heart
my every day be my embark~
~I love you as the sea is deep
in that you are my hearted beat~
~Like that the lava burns below
you are the fire runs my soul~
~Like that the wings of the wind
of that the sea there is no end~
~In that the stars are many be
in that the vast be of the sea~
~In you my love you are my bliss
my life caress in tenderness~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

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