Friday, September 16, 2011

My Soul's Serenity


~You are my heart my love you be
in of my soul’s serenity~
~In that you are so do I live
of all I have to you I give~
~You are the tears the Angels cry
in of the rain fall from the sky~
~The gentle breath of Heaven send
to that her love there is no end~
~You are the Sunset in of the west
the beauty lye’s the Oceans’s crest~
~The warmth that is in of the day
you are the stars that guide our way~
~The Springtime rain in Life anew
the sweetness of the morning dew~
~You are the Rose that signifies
for that the love in one’s heart lye’s~
~In of the peace that Midnight brings
you are the song the Angels sing~
~You are the kiss of Reminisce
in that you are my hearting bliss~
~And when I die you’ll be my wings
on that the wind to Heaven bring~
~Of all I spoke you are to me
you are in that my destiny~
Duke Sherman

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