Sunday, September 18, 2011


~My Dick be hard my nut be full
 my thought be that of fucking you~
~To taste of that your honey clit
while you suck in my hardened dick~
~To take in of your nectar sweet
in that itself a special treat~
~To drop my load into your mouth
in that you swallow taste buds roused~
~My seed be sweet you say to me
to give you more you want to be~
~Next I take you Doggy style
drive it deep and fuck you wild~
~I make you scream and call my name
between you legs be hot as flame~
~I feel the pain I pull it out
 I turn you round to face about~
~You drop your knees swallow cock
throbbing in it’s hard as rock~
~Back in your mouth I cum again
in that my seed it never ends~
~Next you ride my cock on top
my lust for you will never stop~
~Your pussy warm so wet it is
my Dick be in a fucking bliss~
~I hear you moan in pleasure be
cum inside you say to me~
~My load be ready release I do
like that a bomb explodes in you~
~You grab my nut in that a squeeze
increasing that the cumming feed~
~The pain be great but pleasurable
inside your pussy be so full~
~In of the night unto the day
we fucked the Kama Sutra way~
~Thirteen times our juices flowed
within my nut still had a load~
~One more time you drop your knees
still hungry for my lasted seed~
~My Dick your mouth my nut your hand
you take it in as far you can~
~In and out round and bout
you tease that seed to cumming out~
~My Dick be hard my nut be full
 my thought be that of fucking you~
Duke Sherman

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