Monday, September 26, 2011

My Novarupta

~A fever deep inside me burns
for you my darling be my yearn~
~Like that the rock volcanoes bleed
for you my heart will ever be~
~Like that her power spewing flow
you be my life in force her blow~
~Your beauty reins be high and wide
like of her ash in coats the sky~
~In that her might be trembling
mere your touch be pleasure bring~
~You are the fire in heats my soul
my want my need my ever glow~
~My Novarupta my rock my strength
to all in this there be no length~
~The beat my heart my breath of life
in all I am you are my drive~
~And in the end like that of lava
you be that of my soul in karma~
Duke Sherman

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