Friday, September 9, 2011

Eternal Love

~You are my dream in of my love
the only one I’m thinking of~
~In that I live you do array
I love you more my every day~
~You are my strength my reason be
you light my path so I can see~ 
~Like that the sun you warm my heart
to that my soul you are my ark~
~You bring me glad when I am sad
you make me laugh when I am mad~
~You are the stars in of the sky
you are the tears the Angels cry~
~For they are pure in all to be
in that you are so Heavenly~
~You are the moon in of the night
in that it reigns it’s light so bright~
~In all you do in all you are
you are of that my Avatar~
~I want for not but that of you
in that I live for you I do~
~You are my life my heart my soul
my every need my every know~
~And if I die before I wake
you are the thought in that I take~
~I give you this my promise be
you are my heart eternity~

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