Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Angel

To love To Want To know To need


~In that you are my night and day
you are the light in guides my way~
~You are the joy in laughter bring
the fetching sound of birds in sing~
~The high in that of Heaven’s glow
you warm my heart and of my soul~
~The very raw be that my life
of that my strength from you derive~
~Begot you were from Angels dust
brought to earth on Heaven’s gust~
~Painted in the colors bliss
a kiss of rose upon your lips~
~Your hair in length of color earth
soft be silk in that of curl~
~Eyes tinted amber brown
shaped in that be feline round~
~You skin in coat be that of soft
velvetized in Heaven’s loft~
~Your soul mated be that of mine
in that our hearts be intertwined~
~I thank my God be in your life
in that you are my guiding light~
~The warm my soul the joy within
my love for you will never end~
Duke Saheman

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