Monday, September 19, 2011

The Wind Beneath My Wings


~You are my dream my every night
first my thought come morning light~
~Throughout the day I ponder you
to let you know my feelings true~
~You are my soul within a fire
in that it burns of love’s desire~
~You are my hope a new begin
my reason be to transcend~
~In that I live you give me peace
you are my life’s serenity~
~You are the air in that I breathe
you are the blood my lifeline bleeds~
~You are the beat in of my heart
you are the sun my morning start~
~You are the moon my guiding light
when I am blind you give me sight~
~You are the rose in springtime bloom
you are the scent of sweet perfume~
~You are the rain of nature’s life
you are the awe in all one’s blithe~ 
~You are the song the Angels sing
you are the wind beneath my wings~
~You lift me up when I am down
you take away from me my frown~
~You are the warmth in fire burn
you are my one and every yearn~
~This be that my feelings true
in all I am I love you do~
Duke Sherman

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