Friday, September 23, 2011

My Everything

You Are The Heavens
~You are the Heavens high and far
the sun the moon and bright the stars~
~You are the Dawn horizon’s be
in all her beauty her Majesties~
~You are the essence in of the spring
you are the song the Angels sing~
~You are the rain that feeds the earth
in that it brings unto her birth~
~You are the fruit that ripens sweet
you are my heart in every beat~
~You are the tease the waving sand
in that we walk be hand in hand~
~You are the warm the summer breeze
the calm the Sea’s serenity~
~You are the offing in of her deep
to that your soul there is no peak~
~You are the beauty in crimson gold
of that in autumn be sweet and bold~
~The season be in paint of colors
your beauty reigns above all others~
~You are the snow a winters day
of that the dress in her array~
~You are the glimmer in afterglow
of that the sunset in of the snow~
~Spring and summer autumn winter
in all of these you are my splendor~
~From that begin unto the end
you are my every day transcend~ 
~Like that the wind of Heaven send
my love for you be no end~
Duke Sherman 

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