Monday, September 19, 2011

To Be Of That My Moiety


Silhouette of a man presenting a rose on his knee to a beautiful woman. Moon a stars on the background. stock photography

~You are the thought that keeps me sane
you take from me my wanderings pain~
~You give me strength when I am weak
you give me hope when all is bleak~
~You give me joy when I am sad
you make me laugh when I am mad~
~When I am cold you make me wam
you heal my heart when it’s been torn~
~In all you are you are to me
in that of love I make my plea~
~I love you more than all in life
and ask of you to be my wife~
~To wear my ring from of my heart
‘til that of death unto we part~
~To have and hold to let me keep
be that your safe for all time be~
~To be of that my moiety
my better half equality~
~To lay my bed in of the night
to know your fears that I may smite~
~To wake the morn in your adorne
to feel your body so close and warm~
~To taste the sweetness in of your kiss
to bask in that of Heaven’s bliss~
~To smell the scent of your perfume
to bathe in flowers of fetching bloom~
~To sit in front the fire place
to hold and cuddle caress your face~
~To walk the beach a summer’s day
to run and tease the ocean’s waves~
~To light and gaze the Christmas Tree
to spend together each Noel’s Eve~
~To know of that each other’s need
and live by that the Hearten creed~
~So once again I ask your hand
to make of me an honest man~
~In that I am I promise do
to love and hold and cherish you~
~To keep you safe for all time be
forever day eternity~
Duke Sherman

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