Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As I Watch You Sleep

~I cannot live be not your love
in that be hell below above~
~You be an Angel full my soul
in that more precious be of gold~
~You taint my heart in loving song
in that array be your adorn~
~Your touch be that of tenderness
be full dulcet in sumptuous~
~Of that your kiss elixir be
in of your lips felicity~
~Your shape be lissome that of beaut
waving tremors be my imbued~
~In that my heart becomes alive
racing strong be that in thrive~
~My blood runs hot be that in flush
my thoughts in ponder be your touch~
~Be that you whisper in my ear
in gentle breath I love you Dear~
~Be all in this be that a kiss
be that my thought in wondrous bliss~
~Now I watch you sleep this night
I thank my God in of your life~
~In that he blessed me in your love
be all I want be you enough~
~I pray we might we always be
together be eternity~
Duke Sherman

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