Thursday, September 8, 2011

As I Sit Alone

~Within my mind I think of you
I sit alone with not to do!
~My thought be that of first we met
a reminisce I’ll not forget~
~Deep down my soul a fire burned
in of my heart for you I yearned~
~Athena herself could not compare
your beauty reigned in solitaire~
~Within my mind so did I pray
that God would make you mine one day~
~That night we walked the beach’s sand
entwined of that each other’s hand~
~We stopped a moment I stole a kiss
so sweet the taste I reminisce~
~In of my thought my love for you
you touched my face I love you too~
~Answered was my prayer that night
under that the moon so bright~
~We sat and talked in of our love
first sight at that in knowing of~
~As if a dream a single night
within my heart you filled my life~
~I love you now in that I wait
 of that be my paternal fate~
~You are my life my everything
the very wind beneath my wings~
~In that the fire still does it burn
for you my heart will always yearn~ 
~And in that of your womb to be
a part of you a part of me~
~Created with not but our love
and that of God in Heaven above~
~You fill my heart my soul with joy
be that the child girl or boy~
~With that of love and much in pride
we’ll watch our child grow in stride~
~I love you Darling in all your are
you are the brightest of all the stars~
~The sun that shines and gives it’s ray
and warms the earth in of the day~
~The moon that shines in of the night
you light my darkness and give me sight~
~You were and are my heart’s savant
in all my life my every want~
~In all my world you are my life
a mother to be in of my wife~
~I Love You~
Duke Sherman

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