Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'll Succumb Your Every Want

~I want to fuck your Pussy sweet
with that my tongue your mouth my Meat~
~Caress in motion slow your Clit
to taste of that so sweet it’s Spit~ 
~I’ll stick my finger up your Ass
to give you pleasure in surpass~
~To bust my Nut inside your mouth
in that you swallow be it stout~ 
~To drive my Cock deep in your Cunt
I’ll take you from the rear and front~
~From of the night into the day
I’ll fuck you in of every way~
~You’ll want for more in every turn
I’ll make you beg I’ll make you yearn~
~And I’ll succumb your every want
for this the night I am savant~
~You’ll know not more of pleasure than
in of this night unto the end~
~Between your legs will burn like fire
for that my Dick you will desire~
~And when the night has come to end
in that the day will just begin~
~We’ll fuck the day into the night
until the next day comes the light~
~My dick be hard my nut be full
come now I say it’s time for school~
Duke Sherman

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