Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prepare For That A Special Night

~Give to me your Pussy sweet,
wrap your lips around my meat~
~Prepare for that a special night
filled with all in of delight~
~To make you cum be my desire
within my nuts there burns a fire~
~Into my tongue will enter you
and taste within your Pussy dew~
~To rub your clit in motion slow 
keep moist in that your juices flow~
~Round and round in gentle stroke
of that to stimulate be my invoke~
~For you to take my nuts your hand
in that caress you kiss the glands~
~To take within my Dick your mouth
of that my nut so do you rouse~
~Deep down your throat in and out
with of your tongue be roundabout~
~The pain be near the pleasure sweet
to feel my nut within my meat~
~Be that your motion steady pace
you say to cum upon your face~
~In that I do so do you cum
within my mouth the nectar from~
~Rest we will for pleasure more
for that our need be in galore~ 
~You will so scream in pleasure say
take me Baby in every way~
~In that your Pussy be it burned
of more my Dick be that you yearn~
~From of your rear and from your front
in karma sutra be mine your Cunt~ 
~From that the night into the day
my Dick be yours in every way~
~Be dry my nut within the sack
another nut will soon come back~
Duke Sherman

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