Sunday, August 7, 2011

As Life In Death

~From that my strength you are my bond 
my very reason to go on~
~You are my heart my very soul
my life force in that be it flows~
~You are the Sun that lights my day
the Moon in night that guides my way~
~You are the air of that my breath
with you my side I fear not death~
~I love you Darling with all my life
without of you I have but strife~
~When first we met you lit afire
within my soul of you desire~
~Still burns deep down inside of me
forever more my destiny~
~And in my end I’ll wait for you
watch over you in all you do~
~When does your time it comes to be
we’ll be as one eternity~
~You were and are my only love
as life in death in Heaven above~
Duke Sherman 

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