Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Bye My Darling

~My Darling
As I lye here near my death
I know I go onto my rest~
~You were my heart from very start
and are my heart in as I part~
~I leave this life in happiness
in that I knew your tenderness~
~My every day with you has been
but life begot in Heaven send~
~You were my life the better of
in all this world my only love~
~I love you Darling do not cry
we’ll meet again in Heaven’s eye~
~Until that day I’ll be with you
within your heart in all you do~
~You are my love will always be
for all time be eternity~
~Hold me Darling hold me tight
I see within my mind the light~
~Remember Darling remember this
you were my dream my every wish~
~Goodbye my Darling my sweet love
I’ll wait for you in Heaven above~
Duke Sherman

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