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Joe Muharsky's

A Tribute To The Men And Women Of The Armed Forces Of
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Who Are Prisoners Of War Or Missing In Action
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As a tribute to any member of the Armed Forces of The United States Of America, MIA in Vietnam, I am proud to offer a free 8 X 10 picture of your loved one to any surviving family member free of charge.   There are no strings attached to this offer.  I will even pay the shipping charges to return the finished photo to you. Just send me the picture and the name as it appears on the Vietnam Memorial and I will create it in a transparency for you merged with your loved ones name on The Vietnam Memorial.  The original picture of the names on the wall is a copywrited picture so these pictures are not for sale.
Here is an example of what you will receive.
WO1  Dale Allan Pearce    MIA  17 MAY 1971
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For specific questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail  me.
Click on thumbnails to see larger sized copy.
Pictures are not shown in 8 X 10 or high resolution to conserve space.
Original photos are always shown on left and restorations to the right of original

Colonel Gary G. Wright  United States Air Force  MIA  17 January 1967
  This picture was on the cover of the book "The Wall".  It depicts a Vietnam veteran holding up his young son to the Memorial touching the name of his grandfather Colonel Gary G. Wright,   U.S.A.F.  Colonel Wright was flying a F-4 Phantom over North Vietnam when he was reported Missing In Action on  17 January 1967.  Colonel Wright is also a Korean War Veteran and flew F-86 Saber Jets in Korea.   All these pictures were a gift to Colonel Wright's Son for the sacrifice he and his father made in service to his country.
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WO1 Dale Allen Pearce  United States Army  MIA 17 May 71
The original of this was a pen and ink drawing of my friend, WO1 Dale Allen Pearce, MIA 17 May 71.  I changed it to a photograph, colorized it, added a background, and did a transparency with his name on the Vietnam Memorial.

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The original of this picture was black and white. This is also Dale Allen Pearce. A new background was added, the photo was colorized, and various examples are shown.

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Commander Richard Rich  United States Air Force  MIA  19 May 1967
This is Commander Richard Rich   U.S.N.  who was reported Missing In Action on  19 May 1967 while flying an F-4 Phantom over North Vietnam.  These pictures were done for free for my friend, Commander Rich's son.
He never knew his Dad.
Original picture of Commander Rich is not shown.

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