Monday, August 15, 2011

Of All My Life

~Of all my life you are of this
my every dream my every wish~
~In that you give onto of me
within my all serenity~
~If love be known it be of you
in all you are in all you do~
~In of my soul a fire burns
you are my need in all I yearn~
~My sun my moon the stars above
in all this world my reason of~
~The beat my heart the breath I take
of every move in that I make~
~You are the light that guides my way
within the night and of the day~
~And in the cold you are my warm
of all I am you have adorned~
~You are my world my everything
the very wind beneath my wings~
~And if I die before I wake
you be my dream in that I take~
~For after death if life exist
my meet with you will be a kiss~
~My love for you will always be
‘till end of days eternity~
~I Love You~
Duke Sherman

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