Friday, August 12, 2011

You Are But My Dream

~You are for me but just a Dream
of that my heart in that it seems~
~My wish if wishes could come true
to have your love as I love you~
~I’ve loved you since begin the time
you’re every thought within my mind~
~I long to touch those of your lips
with them of mine within your kiss~
~To hold you in my arms and say
how I love you in every way~
~To have you lay with me the night
wake-up to see you come daylight~
~I know this love can never be
but still I wish you be with me~
~Sometimes I lay awake at night
within my thoughts I hold you tight~
~In that I keep you close to me
and wish the morn my wish to be~
~Within my heart so does it cry
within my soul it slowly dies~
~My only peace serenity
be you my dream in that I see~
~And if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord this dream I take~
~For in this dream you are my wife
in all I do you are my life~
~In heaven all it’s Glory be
I’ll have a chance you be with me~
Duke Sherman 

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