Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Every Lust

~ From deep my soul in that my heart
burns cupid’s flame Love’s Firestart~
~Runs hot my blood to every point
throughout my body does it anoint~
~Within my groins be that aroused
in of my seed begin to roust~
~My every thought be that of lust
so full are they about to bust~
~The flame be hot the fire burns
make love to you in all I yearn~
~To taste within your sweet devide
the juices flow from that inside~
~To enter you with that of care
in that of haste I do not dare~
~When comes the pain I feel the strain
my will be that I will refrain~
~In that your time it comes to be
my load will loosen and set free~
~You are the spark ignite the flame
runs hot the blood within my veins~
~The only one in that I lust
of that it burns from dawn to dusk~
~My every reason my every thought
my love for you will always want~
~In that life after death exist
our meet will be a warm wet kiss~
~Duke Sherman

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