Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Blood Runs Hot

~Within my soul there burns a fire
of that of lust in you desire~
~Runs hot my blood down to my groin
between my legs in that adjoined~
~So hard it is in that it pains
relief my nut must be attained~
~In that of you I must take of
into the night in making love~
~I want to taste your juices run
of that desire in you has spun~
~To have you take between my legs
into your mouth and make me beg~
~Let go my nut within your mouth
with that your tongue lick round and bout~
~I want to take you from the rear
and as a Horse I will adhere~
~To drive it deep inside of you
and feel you tremble body through~
~I want to take you every way
of that the night into the day~ 
~To make you cum to make you beg
to make you burn between your legs~
~And in the end the morning light
the night be done in of delight~
~We will close the blinds begin again
my lust for you will never end~
Duke Sherman

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