Thursday, August 11, 2011

In That I Live

~In that I live in all I know
you are my heart you are my soul~
~I live for you in all I do
my love is that for only you~
~For Heaven sent my life to be
with that of you so Heavenly~
~As if an Angel in guiding light
when I was blind you gave me sight~
~When I was cold you warmed my soul
with that of love did you bestow~
~Within my heart of emptiness 
you filled with that of tenderness~
~You are my breath in that I take
within my heart the beat it makes~
~The lifeline blood in that I bleed
my every wish my every need~
~And when I meet my end of time
my thought be you within my mind~
~Forever more you are my love
Heaven sent from God above~
Duke Sherman

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