Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Fever Burns

~Within my groin a fever burns
 my nut be that so full the sperm~
~In that my Cock the blood runs hot
within my gut is tied a knot~
~My need be great to take of you
in that your Cunt to me bestrew~
~My tongue be that so hard and stiff 
for of the taste within your clit~
~I want to bathe you head to toe
with that my tongue so very slow~
~Take in the juices your Pussy sweet
as you suck of that my burning meat~
~Let go my load within your mouth
as that my tongue runs round in route~
~Your juices flow within your squirt
I take all in with every jerk~
~I lust for more you fondle me
 my head still there between your knees~
~In of your juices flow sweet and much
bountiful in that of in my clutch~ 
~Again my Cock be ready more
to penetrate your Pussy’s core~
~I drive it in so wet and warm
as if a fire within you born~
~You scream in pleasure in want of more
go deep and hard into your core~
~Within my nut be ready plode
into your Cunt release my load~
~Be strong I am I will refrain
in that of when I feel the pain~
~My pleasure be when that you cum
in only then will I succumb~
~I hear you moan I feel you squeeze
let go your load you say to me~
~Let go I do release my load
as if a bomb were to explode~
~In of a bliss you give to me
of that the pleasure Ecstasy~
~We rest awhile again begin
the night not yet has come to end~
~Within my nut still be a seed
in that of you still be a need~
~Into the morn the sun comes up
in that of many you bust my nut~
~In that you are for me a fire
within my groin the only Desire~
~Throughout the day within my head
in of the night it that my bed~
~You keep me hard in thought of you
exciting me in all you do~
Duke Sherman

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